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Building a successful athletic program and a winning culture requires a high standard and a full commitment from everyone involved - including coaches, athletes, and parents. These days, there's no ignoring or avoiding the parents. They will be a part of the experience. The question is simply, which part? As a coach or administrator, you've probably seen the impact sports parents can have on a team or a program, for better or worse. While great parents with a high standard and a clear perspective (those who "get it") can elevate your success, those parents with a flawed perspective (those who "don't get it" - even when they're well-intentioned) can single-handedly make the experience more difficult. 

Engaging and educating parents in a healthy, productive environment is incredibly important, but hard to do. That's why we've created Champions 101, a one-hour sports parenting workshop. Like any "101" course, Champions 101 is focused on the basics - the foundation of what great sports parenting looks like and all it requires. The workshop is led by Travis Daugherty, a long-time coach and author of The LENS: Raising a Champion Athlete and Man in Today's Myopic WorldThe LENS book focuses on seeing clearly what it takes to raise kids built to reach their full potential; kids who possess the talents that define a champion; kids who have what they need to experience real, authentic success in sports and in life. (You can learn more about the book here.)  


Would your team, program, and community benefit from having more kids who've developed these talents? Would you benefit from having more parents who "get it," who see things clearly, and who understand the important role they play in their child's success? Would educating and engaging the parents in your school and community help your programs experience new levels of success, on the playing field and beyond? If so, Champions 101 is for you.

Champions 101 focuses on the process of a child's growth and development. Since every young athlete is somewhere in that process, every sports parent - from high school to junior high to youth teams, for both boys and girls - will benefit from this message. It challenges and encourages the serious parent of the serious athlete just as it challenges and encourages the casual parent of the casual athlete. Anyone who wants their experience to be more valuable and worthwhile will benefit. Champions 101 will help any sports parents see things clearly.

Here are some additional benefits Champions 101 can provide to your school and community:

*Educates parents on what really matters and what really doesn't for those committed to raising a champion.

*Clarifies for parents how a champion athlete is really defined and the process required for raising one of their own.

*Helps your school and community build better athletes and better people, on the athletic field and beyond.  Champion people make up championship teams!

*Provides parents with a plan for healthy, productive involvement in their child's athletic experience. Champions 101 helps you combat many of the issues plaguing sports parents today: unrealistic expectations, helicoptering, unhealthy perspective, victim mentality, complaining, etc.

*Encourages more positive, productive interactions and relationships between parents and coaches/administrators.

*Sets a new, clearly-defined standard for parent behavior and a standard to which parents can be held accountable.

*Aligns key stakeholders (athletic directors, coaches, athletes, and parents) by clarifying the definition of success for your team, program, and school. Champions 101 will help you build cohesion throughout your entire athletic community.

*Sets the table for ongoing conversations and continuing education with the parents in your team, program, school, and community.

Parents will play an important role in determining the success and culture of your program. Unfortunately, they'll likely play an important role in your struggles and challenges, too. Engaging and educating them can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be impossible. Champions 101 is a fun, interactive way to help parents see clearly who their kids can become and the important role they have in helping to make it happen. To learn more about how Champions 101 can add value to your program or to check availability for bringing the workshop to your school and community, contact us here.