Is there a better word to describe our world today than the word “myopic?” Things are quicker, easier, and more convenient than they've ever been. Unfortunately, this has created in us an increasingly short-sighted perspective, where too often all we see and all we want are the things that are right in front of us. You might call it a microwave society - all about instant gratification. These days, if it doesn't come quickly, easily, or conveniently? Then it's usually labeled a failure. 

This immediate judgment and comparison have made it easy to lose sight of the big picture, the process, or the journey. And it’s made more challenging any endeavor where seeing the big picture, trusting the process, and enjoying the journey is required  – including raising a champion athlete and man. For too many parents, who their child could become, both in sports and in life, isn't part of their short-sighted perspective. They're busy trading in their kid's development to chase meaningless victories and worthless trophies. They're over-comparing, over-pressuring, and over-specializing their kids. Why? Because these days, it's what everyone's doing. They're making an incredible investment of time, money, and energy in their child's sports experience. But will they be proud of what that investment produces?

The LENS: Raising a Champion Athlete and Man in Today’s Myopic World is a game plan for the sports parent who's pursuing a better way. It's a book about seeing clearly the unique opportunity each of us has to develop a champion in sports and in life. Your child's experience in sports is your best chance to build and develop today what he needs to be successful tomorrow, on the playing field and beyond. And while so many are squandering that opportunity, you can seize it. But only with the right perspective.

That's because in reality, raising a champion athlete and man requires that you see the big picture, that you trust the process, and that you enjoy the journey - it’s the only way. And even though it’s not the norm in today's myopic world, you can do it. The LENS will show you how. With so little clarity in our youth sports culture, it will help you recognize what really matters and what really doesn’t. It will create a powerful vision for the athlete and person your child can become, and a mighty purpose you can pursue each day. Most importantly, it'll show you how to cultivate and develop in your child the kind of talent that leads to real success. 


Those are examples of “Hidden Talent.” They're the qualities that define a champion, the ones that lead to real success. Their development is critical, but hidden from the average sports parent. Unfortunately for most in this short-sighted culture, opportunities that exist each day to develop these qualities go overlooked or unnoticed. They are talents because, like any talent, each of these abilities can be developed, practiced, and refined. Talent doesn't magically turn from potential into reality.  Instead, it’s intentionally developed from the ground up and cultivated over time. Your child can have this kind of talent developed. If he's going to be a champion, he must! And you are responsible for making it happen.


Strengthening your child’s Hidden Talent moves him closer to his full potential as an athlete. Regardless of his age or ability level, consider him with that talent to him without. Your child who loves the game vs. your child who doesn’t. Your child who gives his best vs. your child who doesn’t. Your child who overcomes adversity vs. your child who doesn't. Regardless of how old or how talented he is - and regardless of whether he's competing against himself, his teammates, or his opponents - cultivating his Hidden Talent moves him closer to his very best.

But more importantly than his success on the field, this is the talent your child will carry with him into life beyond the game. Each one will help him reach his full potential in manhood – as a husband, a father, a friend, and a professional. While most sports parents are mortgaging the future to pursue short-sighted, temporary wins, the LENS dad is using his perspective to see the big picture, trust the process, and enjoy the journey.  He's committed to developing his child’s Hidden Talent, and in doing so, he’s preparing his boy for lasting, meaningful, authentic success – when it really matters – on the playing field and beyond.

It’s time for you to see clearly the athlete and man your child can become, and the opportunities you have to get him there. In a world of youth sports where rising costs, increased investment, and unhealthy pressure have become the norm, it’s time to give your experience the meaning and purpose it deserves. It’s time to choose a new perspective. It’s time to become a champion parent, and raise a champion son.